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Travel arrivals / departures? Forex prices? Room bookings?
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Webconverger Neon


Neon turns your PC into a Web based Signboard, with the stability of Linux and HTML5 Web browser support.

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1 Site, Hardware & Network

Assuming you are responsible for deploying next generation Web signage. You should have the physical site in mind. Now you need the hardware and the Internet connection installation. We can help advise you on suitable hardware, however it's upto you to source this part.

2 Operating System

Neon is a drop in replacement for the sluggish and typical unmanageable Windows 7 install. Neon boots your hardware, connects to the Internet and renders your Web Signage homepage with an uptodate browser.

We ensure that the browser supports the latest HTML5 standards. We ensure Neon is secure and stable. We can also monitor the uptime of your machines, which you can see via a convenient Web control panel.

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There are more Web signage content systems than you can shake a stick at. Here are a few we've found, though since we are all already using Web technologies, your Web development team should be able to create one themselves.

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